Bootstrap into Dart

New to the Dart language? We compiled our favorite resources to help you quickly learn Dart. We looked at a lot of languages, and we found Dart easy and fun to learn. We hope these resources make Dart easy for you to learn, too.

Language tour
Your best introduction to the Dart language. Learn about Dart’s features such as optional types, closures, libraries, lexical scoping, top-level functions, named parameters, async / await, and lots more.
Library tour
A good overview of Dart’s powerful core libraries. Learn about Dart’s support for collections, async, math, numbers, strings, JSON, and more.
Intro to Dart for Java Developers Codelab
Use your Java knowledge to get up and running quickly with Dart. Learn about classes, constructors, parameters, and interfaces with examples from the Java Tutorial.
Effective Dart
Guides for style, authoring documentation, usage, and more.
Futures Tutorial
Learn how to use Futures, which are used extensively in the Dart core libraries. Futures can be used instead of one-time callbacks.
Streams Tutorial
Learn how to use Streams, which are used extensively in the Dart core libraries. Streams can be used instead repeating callbacks. For example, the File class uses Streams to read bytes from a file.

Want to learn more? Check out one of the many books about Dart, or ask questions on Stack Overflow.